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Improving the quality of life for physically or mentally impaired people in Bath

Bath Disability Trust is a charitable fund dedicated to improve the quality of life for physically or mentally impaired people in Bath. We provide a range of grants to support individual aids and equipment, educational bursaries and access to buildings and community transport.


Bath Disability Trust must work within the terms of our original bequest.  To be considered, grant applications must meet the following basic requirements


  • The individual, organisation or property must live or be situated within the City of Bath or adjoining parishes named on the map

  • Applications must be on our "Personal" or "Organisation" forms, with the required medical, financial or professional endorsements

  • Full details of the supplier or provider of the assistance is required to enable payment.  Grants are not paid directly to individuals or their families

  • A visit by one or more Trustees for an 'on the spot' assessment

If you think you may be eligible to receive funding, please download and complete the relevant form below offline.  Please then either call or email your form to arrange to meet with one of our Trustees. 

Eligibility map for grant funding by Bath Disability Trust

Our support includes;

  • Wheelchairs including attachments

  • Entrance ramps and hoists

  • Stair lifts

  • Postural chairs and beds

  • Accessible showers

  • Educational bursaries


​Our support includes;

  • Automatic public entrance doors

  • Entrance ramps and lifts

  • Wheelchair accessible transport


Bath Disability Trust was formerly known as Bath Association for Disabled People (BADP), formed to promote and co-ordinate activities and organisations assisting disabled people and their families. In 1993 a significant sum of money was bequeathed to the Association to be held in trust for the benefit of people in Bath and its immediately adjoining parishes.  It is the management of the charitable fund which is the Trust’s primary function today.

The Trustees meet six times a year to consider applications for funding to improve the quality of life for physically or mentally impaired people in Bath.


Bath, UK

01225 315647

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